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13 Forbidden Fruits on the Low Carb Diet!

Every day more and more people choose to adopt the low carb diet, but, just like me in this beginning of change, they are in doubt when it comes to choosing the right fruits to include in vitamins, snacks and even meals.

So, I have selected some amazing tips to help you understand 13 fruits that are forbidden in the low carb diet. Let's check them out?

13 Forbidden Fruits on the Low Carb Diet!
13 Forbidden Fruits on the Low Carb Diet!

Putting together a menu that includes several options of low carb fruits requires planning and time to put together, I am still adapting myself to the low carb routine and life and I understand very well this difficulty.

Thinking about this I decided to prepare a super practical and simple guide with the fruits that are definitely not low carb and their amount of net carbohydrates (I will explain a little more ahead about this concept).

What are carbohydrates?

They are sugars present not only in bread, cake or pasta but also in fruits, vegetables and greens. This does not mean that you should cut vegetables, legumes, or fruits from your diet, but choose to consume those that have less carbohydrates.

Liquid carbohydrates?

For those who don't know, liquid carbohydrates are nothing more than the total carbohydrates minus the fiber of the food you eat.

For example, an avocado has about 17g of total carbs, according to FatSecret, but subtracting the fiber value gives the final value of net carbs around 3.65g, which is a great low carb fruit!

Which fruits are forbidden on the Low Carb Diet?

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the fruits forbidden on the low-carb diet - the so-called "non-low-carb fruits".

13 Forbidden Fruits on the Low Carb Diet!
13 Forbidden Fruits on the Low Carb Diet!

We put the information of the amount of net carbohydrates per 100g of fruit, we always recommend that you exclude from your diet fruits with more than 10g of net carbohydrates per 100g of fruit:

  • pineapple (12g carbohydrate)

  • plum (11g carbohydrate)

  • banana (24g carbohydrate)

  • plantain (32g carbohydrate)

  • persimmon (15g carbohydrate most varieties)

  • jackfruit (20g carbohydrate)

  • jabuticaba (13g carbohydrate)

  • apple (14g carbohydrate)

  • mango (17g carbohydrate)

  • tangerine (11g carbohydrate)

  • pear (13g carbohydrate)

  • pine cone (19g carbohydrate)

  • grapes in general (12g carbohydrate)

And then, I bet you can't wait to remove these forbidden fruits in the low carb diet from your new menu, can you? Did you see that good information can transform your daily life?

I really hope you enjoyed my tips, take the opportunity to share them and help other people. See you next time!

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